Did I Pay Too Much?

Being in the trade for many years I have often been asked this question. Most of the time my response is no given that a reasonable amount must be charged in order for a company to make a fair profit above their overhead to ensure that they can continue to operate their business.

Operating a HVAC or plumbing company is very expensive and many homeowners do not realize how much it costs to run these businesses. Consider that when you have a breakdown the company must come to you fully stocked and insured. They must pay the technician, supply the vehicle, pay the gas, insurance, and wear on the service vehicle, dispatch the call, pay rent or a mortgage on a building, keep the building heated and cooled, pay staff to dispatch the call, keep the books, supply and track inventory, advertise, and have many other expenses that go into providing you with in home service.

 Unfortunately, there are occasions when the answer can be a yes because there are contractors who overcharge their customers and gouge them unfairly by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge about what the repair should actually cost.

That is why I created Home Repair Pal. It displays a fair and honest price for a specific repair or replacement which helps bring integrity and transparency back to an often poorly trusted industry.

When you use Home Repair Pal you have the advantage of knowing what the repair or replacement amount should be thus eliminating that unsettling feeling that you may have just gotten ripped off.


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