Why Should My Company Join Home Repair Bud?

1) Its Free: Because we are a new upstart lead generating website we need to build our customer and contractor base. This offers a great advantage for contractors who join early to get high quality leads from us for free.
2) The industry average to get a new customer is approximately $200. We are delivering the customer to you for no cost.
3) Our customers will spend on average about $250.00 for a repair and if you provide a good service experience for them it could ultimately be worth thousands of dollars to your business in the future.
4) Customers referred through our site will refer their friends to you which will grow your business and increase your revenue.
5) Because we show our customers the upfront price for a repair this helps instill a high trust level that is not available to your competitors.
6) When you give one of our customers the repair or replacement estimate there is no arguing or apprehension since the price is already known to both parties.
7) Our exclusive service call guarantee is unlike anything the industry has ever seen before and puts our customers in a comfortable position to approve your company to complete any required repairs or replacements.
8) You are free to charge whatever amounts you feel necessary to any of your clients other than those referred to you through our site.
9) There is no long term obligations either by you or us. You can simply ask to be removed from our site at any time and we will do so immediately.
10) We will be limiting the number of contractors in a given area or city to ensure that all of them will receive service calls. Being in early increases your chances of remaining within this limited group.

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